Version 2.70

* iPhone 5 support. If you’re gonna do something, might as well do it with style! I’m not calling the iPhone 5 a Delorean, but if you have one you’d better download this update before you’re OUTATIME. Any of these time machine reference working for you? Me neither!

* HISTORY! It’s true, more history happened! Over 8,000 events have been added since the previous update, current up to 12/10/2012. 8,000! That’s almost 8,100! Ok, I confess, that’s not a useful comparison.

* Minor UI changes, and by minor I mean… well, minor. First I fixed a couple of tiny UI bugs, then I made a tiny change to a graphic, then another, then another, then made a whole new loading screen and that’s when the CHUDs came for me. Now, that last part might seem slightly out of place and to be fair, I _was_ technically in their domain.

* Now mit even more iodine! How much iodine can one app have? We don’t know!

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