How Ziggy Works

Ziggy contains a locally stored historical database with almost 100,000 distinct historical events.  These events include big things like the attack on Pearl Harbor down to notable births and deaths.

You can search the database for people, places, and things, and were you to actually find yourself in the past, you can have it generate a sorted ‘temporal weather report’ outlining what events are coming up for you.  It’s similar to the Ziggy handlink in Quantum Leap, except there’s no need for ‘Al’ to run it.

The following reference documents are available in the program, stored locally as PDFs.  With these, you should be able to either gamble or innovate your way to success at your leisure:

  • An in-depth article on Penicillin
  • How to test if a plant is edible
  • An article on Iron (with chemical properties)
  • Electrical generators
  • How to make paper
  • How to make solar cells
  • A latin phrasebook
  • List of historic inventions
  • List of significant discoveries
  • Stock market crashes
  • Comprehensive First Aid
  • Steam engines
  • An article describing how transistors work
  • Timeline of international trade
  • A guide on how to speak Spanish
  • A guide on how to speak German
  • List of Super Bowl champions
  • A list of Kentucky Derby winners
  • List of NBA champions
  • List of FIFA World Cup finals
  • List of Formula One winners
  • List of largest daily changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • An article on the History of the United States
  • Timeline of medicine and medical technology
  • Timeline of biology and organic chemistry
  • List of English football champions
  • Periodic table of elements
  • History of the Han Dynasty
  • List of battles 1801-2000
  • List of Tour De France winners
  • Timeline for the day of 9/11/2001
  • History of ferrous metallurgy

Ziggy cannot actually take you through time (except, perhaps, forwards at a 1:1 rate), but it’s a handy portable <20megabyte reference to have on-hand for when you find yourself stuck in the past.

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