Version 1.5

This data describes Ziggy 1.5.  This version has been supplanted by a newer one.


  • Bug fixes! Some of them rather embarrassing, hopefully a minimal number of time travelers found themselves at the wrong end of a T-Rex as a result of any of them.
  • Performance updates. In some parts it runs faster, not slower. Slower, not backward. Upward, not forwards, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards better.
  • New feature: Search! You can pluck facts from the onboard historical databanks with the ease of stealing sweets from an unguarded infant.
  • Added support for landscape mode in a bid to appeal to the horizontally inclined time traveler who is unable to maintain proper posture.
  • iPad support, this is now a universal app.
  • New UI, easier to use. Take that, carpal tunnel!
  • More useful documents for the trapped traveler with additional sports, chemistry reference material, and more.

One Response to Version 1.5

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